Product Name:     Countdown to Profits
Owner:                   Richard Paul
Price:                      ($ 199 value) $97
Home income Program Weekly Training Series (Value $299). FREE

Recommended:      NO




Overview Of Countdown to Profits

The first thing one would want to find out if you are signing up for something is What am I signing up for. This is an unusual site, the very last thing you will find out is what they are selling.

Countdown to Profits is getting to be a popular site online so here I am trying to get an insight of the product. I click the Get started button and according to the instructions they had to check availability in my area. Within seconds I was sent to sign up on another site.
Wondering how the availability was checked because I had disabled my location before I went on the site that was  Red Flag #1. I went on the site and the second red flag was the logos for MSNBC, ABC. USA Today, CNN and Fox News, saying the product has been featured on these Social Media. Web sites that are dishonest usually carry those signs.



Up to this point, there was no mention of what was being sold. I read that after I made a one-time payment of $97, I would gain access to everything.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Instant processing
Immediate Product Access
Secure Transaction
Safe record keeping
Dedicated Customer Service
No Software to download.
Completely Free to set. Any topic you come up with you can build tiny campaigns and enjoy a recurring income. Only a few hours are needed to set up campaigns.
There is a promise that you make money within 60 days or it’s free.

I am just giving you the information that I got from my research. I do not believe that you will get any money back from this site. Why is there a doubt that you will make money? If the program is such a success and you are guaranteed to make $379 daily from home, there should be no doubt that it will be successful,

At the introduction of the presentation, a video is played for which you are promised $500 just to watch the video. I have not read about anyone who has received it. Isn’t it suspicious that a site that is doing so well, they only had 5 spaces when I wanted to get in, but they are paying everyone who watches the video and signs up $500?
Why is it necessary to have 2 different websites to sell the same product.

So What Kind of Work Will You Do

This appears to be top secret, I love challenges so I had to find out.

Step 1. After logging onto your personal account copy the code given to you by the system.
Step 2. On your personal account, you will be given customer records for you to post links. These records will be added to your account daily so you will have lots of links to post. You can post them offline too.
These are companies who pay well and on time. The money is added to your PayPal account daily.

Step 3 Fill out details and create a website.

Richard Paul or whoever this person is has a vivid imagination.  He said if you post links for an hour each day with an average of 15 links daily, you can make $225 in your first 60 minutes, covering your one-time investment of $97.You will be able to lodge$58,000 in recurring income yearly.

Working from Home doing online work is not that easy. It is hard work and you have to put in many hours. The idea that you are going to make $1000s
from working 1 hour daily is unheard of. This individual has no knowledge of online jobs or he is trying to give the wrong impression to sell his products.

Although PayPal is the method used to pay his clients it is not used for payments to Countdown to profits. This could be because PayPal is known to get refunds for products when you are dissatisfied.



Pros VS Cons of Home Income Program or Countdown to Profits


Anyone can join

Expected income is too high for posting links.
Program is shady with all the signs of scamming
2 websites with different information for the same product
No work from Home Program generates funds immediately after joining.


I have never seen a site that puzzles me before like this one. When I click the Get Started button I was sent to another website. After I started to write this review I went back to check something on the site and realized that there are actually 3 websites associated with this product.  Wow! I don’t know what to think, they all have different URL. To get relevant information about this product you have to sign up first and the countdown started the moment you entered the website telling you how many spaces are left in your area. If you are just posting links, you can work as long as you want and there are lots of hours why are spaces so limited?

You are probably reading to find out if I will say this is a scam. What I will tell you is that you will not be lodging $58,000 yearly to your bank account.  You will not be given $500 to watch the video as promised by Richard Paul. You will not make $379 daily from posting links for 1 hour each day. I definitely do not recommend this program.

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If anyone has bought Countdown to Profits and has a different experience from what is written here, please leave a comment below.