My Review of Freebie Money Printer

Freebie Money Printer promises and gives a free account but before you can access the system you have to get qualified at Big Kabang.


Beware of Free Trials.

To get qualified at Big Kabang you have to sign up for free trials to get credits. Some of the products only have .25 credits. You will need to sign up for enough trials to earn the 1 credit which is required.  

The tricky thing about these free trials is that you have to use your credit or debit card. You cannot forget to cancel the account or it will cost you more than you bargain for.

 I called and asked for the cancellation of a free trial account. I got confirmation that it was done but they continued to withdraw money from my account monthly. When I called the company they apologized and promised to send me a check. This was never done.  I fail to see why any bank card in necessary to sign up for free trials.


Sign up Continues

After getting qualified at Big Kabang you are given a number which is used in your URL to get onto the system. Your account is free, lead and capture pages are free. That is all you get for free and that will not be of much help to you.

There are a lot of webinars advertising the various methods you can use to get traffic. The auto responder is not free. To get traffic will cost you some money. It is unbelievable the  number of  things you are required to sign up for.


Craig List and Backpage

You are told to advertise on Craig List and Backpage.  My advertisement on Craigslist lasted about 5 minutes before they were flagged. I did not sign up for the auto-responder because I realized that this was not going to work for me. There is also Pure Leverage which is not free but you are promised a commission for referrals.

Who can Benefit Freebie Money Printer

Only experience marketers who have websites and get a lot of traffic will benefit. To say this is a good work from home program from which you will make a  large sum of money daily is a lie.  The free things you are promised once you get on the system and attend the webinars you realize they not really free, you have to pay some money.  The training gravitates towards signing up for a lot of stuff that will cost you money.

Cannot Recommend

I cannot recommend this system to anyone who is inexperienced and is just trying to start a business online. I have tried it , wasted a lot of valuable time and it certainly did not work for me.



If you are trying to start a business online I strongly recommend the #1 Affiliate Program. You can check it out here.