The popularity of Affiliate Marketing has increased far greater today than it was in recent years. This could be that people are more aware of the program and are seeing the best of affiliate marketing and the benefits it offers are more advertised. There are also more companies offering the program.

Both the shippers and the marketers can see that advertising can work for them. The dealers allow the associates to showcase their products which to them is cheaper than other advertisements. They also see Affiliate Marketing as a simple method of making money. Marketing of products has moved into more prominent advertisement so as the concept of the population changed Traders and Partners alike consider advertising as a way to increase sales and benefits.  We will look at some of the different types of Affiliate Marketing as they come in the different categories.


Pay Per Click (PPC)PPC is used widely by affiliate webmasters with small websites. This is an easy way to make money online. In this type of marketing, the dealer pays the marketer for every referral that is made by him, even if the visitor does not buy a product the affiliate is paid a commission. This happens whenever someone clicks through on the merchants link whether it be a banner or texts. Fees for pay per click affiliate programs are usually small not exceeding $1 for a click.


Pay Per Performance (PPP)

This type of Affiliate Marketing is popular with marketers and is the most profitable. In this type of program, the merchant pays the affiliate only if the person who is referred buys a product. Affiliates usually receive a commission after that sale. Pay Per Performance can be classified into 2 types, Pay Per Sale (PPS) and Pay Per Lead  In a Pay Per Sale type of affiliate marketing. As the name indicates Affiliates get paid when a sale is finalized. Regardless of what the commission is it will be more than what is paid to PPC Affiliates.

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

This method is mostly used by Insurance Companies and some other companies that are dependent on leads for growth. The rate is similar to that of Pay Per Sale.



There are thousands of programs to choose from when you are ready to do affiliate marketing. Be sure to read the Terms of Service of any program you decide to sign up for. Finding an appropriate program for your business can be a little tricky at times. Although you may make mistakes you will eventually find the right one from which you will generate an income and affiliate partnership. Try to ensure that the program you choose has a clear and specific payment details