Be A Wealthy Affiliate

I want to show you how to be a wealthy affiliate and make money online. Affiliate Marketing has become the trend in online business. With all the online scams, people are finding ways to make honest money online. It is hard work but for one to be successful in anything, one has to be determined to put in satisfactory work. Success does not come easily.

Before you can start Affiliate Marketing, if you are new to the business you will need to be trained in online marketing. If you are really serious you will need a website. Getting a website is no big thing.
You can buy an expensive or inexpensive website, then you can host it on a web hosting platform and pay up to $60 per month. In today’s world, you have choices.
You can choose to try a program that gives you a Free Starter Membership. You will also get 2 free websites to start your business. The aim is to encourage you to see if this program is fit for you and give you time to make a decision.

With 11 years experience, Wealthy Affiliate has the #1 Affiliate Training program online. Membership now stands at over 800,000 and more members are added daily. We must be doing something right.        You may read My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

Free Starter Membership

When you sign up for the Free Starter Membership you are given all the help and support you need to start a successful business . You have access to Live Chat, The Wealthy Affiliate Community, Your Sponsor, The Online Entrepreneur certification videos (10 lessons)? and more.

10-lessonsThe Free Program At WA does not require a credit card, you see at WA free is free. Unlike some programs that want to get access to your credit card so they charge you $1. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to make up your own mind. By doing the lessons you will have an idea of what the Premium membership is like and decide the way forward. If you sign up for Premium I can assure you that the educational benefits are worth the cost of the membership.
You can remain a free member for as long as you want but you will not have access to some of the tools and services of the Premium Membership. If you sign up for Premium within 7 days you will get 59% discount off the first month’s payment. If you are not an experienced marketer and you are serious about building your business, the Premium Membership is more suitable for you. Everything you need to grow your business is included in the Premium Membership.

When you invest money for your personal development, it is always a good investment. Investing in the Wealthy Affiliate Membership is a double take, you learn while you earn. I am a Yearly Premium Member of this awesome community and I have not regretted the time I spent here. I have an opportunity to build my own business and invest in myself. Getting started was a challenge, I was new and needed a lot of training and advice. I accepted the challenge and have not looked back. I have far passed my youth and although I am not as alert as I would like to be I am proud of my achievements.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make your WordPress website in a few minutes. You decide what you want to promote and build a website to suit your niche. I made my own website and is still writing content to build it out.

The wealthy Affiliate community is helpful in answering your questions and pointing you in the right direction. A very helpful community that takes pleasure in answering your questions. They will tell you that there are no stupid questions. You gain a wealth of knowledge when you associate yourself with the WA community. A large set of unselfish individuals who rejoice with your success and grieved with your sorrows.

They create Training Videos to help you understand areas that you are not knowledgeable about. You get to read their blog posts and leave comments, by doing this you are learning to write blogs yourself or enhance the knowledge you already have. There is Live Training weekly, and during which, you get your questions answered. The community also participates in Live Chat. If you join this program you will come to the realization the everything in this post is true.

Join Me And Start Working Towards You Future Now.


Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

You may ask yourself! Can I make money at Wealthy Affiliate? Can I make money online?
Well! Let us think about it. There are people at Wealthy Affiliate, who have been there since it got started in 2005. The vast number of members should speak for itself. I have only read 1 negative review about Wealthy Affiliate and the author stated that when he can afford it he will sign up again.

It was quite obvious that he had a problem within himself. If things were not working out for him! Why would he want to go back?
To make money from your website is not automatic, you have to work towards it. Whether online or elsewhere, you have to invest.  Both time and money go together to build a business. You pay rent if you do not have your own place, and if you have your own place you have to invest time and money.

Online is no different, it is hard to do it on your own. You need to get answers for your questions and believe me you will have a lot of questions. It is good to be in a community with people having the same interest like you.
If you sign up using a link from this site. I will be notified when you complete your profile set up, and I will get in touch with you. I will give you all the help I can and point you in the right direction. All the tools and support you will need to start and grow a business is at Wealthy Affiliate. There are experienced Marketers in the Wealthy Affiliate community who will answer your questions and guide you. They share their success stories and their many experiences.

There are individuals who are of the opinion that if they sign up for this program they will have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Let me clarify this! Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing. No one will ask you or tell you to promote WA.

You automatically become an affiliate after signing up for either the Free or Premium Membership. If you put a WA banner with your affiliate link on your site and someone signs up and buys the membership, you will receive the same commission as someone who promotes WA.

Affiliate Programs

You are free to sign up for any program you are interested in. You are given a list during the training but you are free to do your research and find others. Below is a screen shot from one on the training.



As you can see from the  screen- shot, other affiliate programs are a part of the training. A lot of Wealthy Affiliate Members prefer tp promote WA because it has an awesome affiliate program. There is also a recurring commission that is not offered by the other programs.

If you are reading this you may want to think about where you go from here. Make a brave move and sign up for the free membership, then decide the way forward. We all have to think about ourselves and decide what is best for us.

I hope you will accept my invitation to  Be a Wealthy Affiliate and MakeMoney Online.








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