• Trading Name:                        Avast
  • Formally called                      Alwil Software
  • Type                                      Private
  • Industry                                 Internet Security, Program, Optimization, Internet Privacy
  • Founded                               1988
  • Founders                              Pavel Baudis & Eduard Kucera
  • Website                                www.avast.com

Avast Antivirus has lived up to the expectation of internet users and is one of the best antiviruses on the market today. I have been using Avast for the past 10 years.

With over 100 million users on Google Play and browsers extensions, Avast holds the largest share of the antivirus business worldwide.

Avast controls 21.4% of security software worldwide since 2015. It is believed that Avast protects more than 30% of all consumers outside of China.

There are 650 employees in, Czech Republic and offices in United States, Germany,China South Korea and Taiwan.

I have developed a lot of confidence in Avast so much that although I get free antivirus from my Internet Provider, I still keep avast on my computer. My computer was infected once and I tried very hard to get it cleaned off, but nothing seemed to work.

The virus was always closing my screen half way when I tried to use the computer. I got a 30-day  trial version of Avast.  I scanned the computer with Avast and it was discovered that I had bad add-ons on the computer. I clicked remove and that was the end of the problem.

Avast programs are only available for Internet devices.

Pros vs Cons                                                                       avast

Avast Pros                                                                

  • Integrated Password Manager
  • Scans both Network and Router
  • Check for Security Breach
  • Excellent for Blocking Malware
  • Scans for outdated Software
  • Finds bad Add-ons
  • Good System Clean-up
  • Good results from independent Labs


Avast Cons

  • Basic account does not carry a lot of features
  • Password Manager Features Limited


Avast is a reliable antivirus and you can expect it to protect your device when it is downloaded to it.

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