• Name:                   Affilorama
  • Website:                   
  • Owner:                  Mark Ling
  • Overall Rank:       80/100
  • Affilorama             Overview

Mark Ling started making money online in the 90s. He was motivated by his friend Charley who made $50 by putting banners on his website which he built himself. Mark Ling built a website for himself and put up banners too. His first check of $50 was an eye opener for him.

In 2006 Mark Ling started to teach Affiliate marketing to other people. His father was his first student.  Mark Ling is respected in the Affiliate Marketing industry and his company is believed to be trustworthy

Basic requirements for Affilorama are:

  • Basic computer skills such as the ability to use a mouse and keyboard.
  • The ability to follow instructions.
  • The ability to stay focus.
  • Patience (one must realize that this is not an overnight thing)
  • Must be able to pay $10 yearly for a domain.

There are several programs that you can purchase in Affilorama, this is  one of the reasons why one has to research the programs before buying them.



The cost of this course is $197.  For this course you will get:

  • 1-year web hosting for 1 website.
  • 1-month free access to Affilorama Premium
  • Access to the members area, tips, training and more.

There is no support for AffiloBlueprint, you will have to pay the monthly fee of $67 to get advice and support.

I think a course which costs $197, for which you are not given support is expensive.

AffiloBlueprint contains 12 modules each module comes complete with PDF notes, videos, and homework to complete. You also get a website. The program is designed to teach Affiliate Marketing.


Affilorama Premium

Affilorama Premium is another Affilorama program which teaches Affiliate Marketing. This program consists of:

  • Advanced training videos
  • Affiliate Blog Bootcamp videos                                                         affilo-premium
  • Free web hosting for up to 15 domains

The Premium program is a monthly billing and has a lot to offer. Some of the training is good.  The  monthly cost for  this program is $67.   It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.  This is the core program and it is my opinion that if I have to pay $67 monthly for a program I should not be buying other products.

Below are some of the programs within Affilorama:

  • AffiloBlueprint             cost    $197 plus $67 monthly
  • AffiloJetpack                cost     $497 membership
  • Affilotheme                  cost   $97
  • Affilorama Premium    cost  $67  monthly.



AffiloJetpack  promotes Mark Ling’s products. Although this will benefit the owner, one has to buy it and it definitely is not cheap.  AffiloJetpack, AffiloBlueprint, Affilotheme  together they cost $791. To get support for these products you still have to pay the $67 monthly.

I certainly could not afford these products. This is not an overnight get rich company but I believe you have to be making good money to be able to afford these programs.  I am wondering if Afillorama is for a certain class of people, those who have a lot of money.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Affilorama has one of the largest marketing communities in the Affiliate business.  Offers a three-year payment plan for the Premium members.
  • Step by step instructions and educational resources.
  • The owner has a good reputation in the Affiliate Marketing industry.


The monthly plan is expensive and there are a lot of upsells.

The Affilorama Premium is an advanced training course and is not recommend for  beginners.

A newbie can get confused not knowing which plan to choose.

The support team does not include Mark Ling.

Who is Affilorama intended For?

Affilorama is for anyone  who wants to make money online and can afford to buy the products. It offers training on website building and affiliate marketing.  You do not need any experience to join this program. You will be taught the basics.This is a trusted program.




I always have to reflect however on the #1 Affiliate program where there is just one Premium program. There is a free starter program and  if you sign up before the seven days  there is a 59% discount.  After the first  month’s fee, you are free to pay yearly and this also is a discounted price of $359.

Kyle and Carson must have taken the low-income bracket into consideration. When I compared Wealthy Affiliate to some of the others I am amazed. The support at WA is so good and you can get the owners in Live Chat from time to time.

As a new member of Wealthy Affiliate I sent a message to Kyle and got a response within a few hours. I now know how to find answers to my questions in Live Chat or the videos. There are live webinars every Friday. If you are unable to watch it live, you can always watch the video when you are available to do so.

If you really want to do Affiliate Marketing and learn where you have access to the owners of the program and a community where everyone looks out for each other, I suggest that you go here.

My Final Opinion of Affilorama  

Name: Affilorama Website:

Owner: Mark Ling

Overall  Rank: 80 out 100



LEGIT . Good Training.  Expensive  upsells.

Recommended:    Yes




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