My name is Luna, I was born in Jamaica West Indies and worked in the Education sector in Jamaica for twenty-eight years. I retired in August 2011 and migrated to the United States

My plan was to find a Work from Home job hoping to make enough money to get by. I had health issues and that in my estimation was the way to go.  When I arrived in America I had very little money,  but I told myself that I am used to being broke and God always took care of me, I just have to work hard and leave the rest to Him.

I am a Christian woman and believe that one has to have faith and be positive. I am scrupulous about keeping the laws of God and prayed a lot for guidance. 

With all the challenges one faces while trying to get a job on the internet everyone has to be extremely careful. I ran into several roadblocks because a large number of the advertisements turned out to be scams.thief

  My search for a job online continued although at times it seems to be impossible. I am happy to say I did not lose a lot of money to those hustlers but I wasted valuable time.

I kept searching the internet and found Wealthy Affiliate. Being a religious person I prayed and asked for guidance. I was a bit hesitant because of the saying,  “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.  Well! I could not go wrong because Wealthy Affiliate was offering a Free Starter Membership, No Credit Card needed.

I could remain on the free program if I was in doubt, I thought this was awesome. I knew nothing about internet marketing or website building but I had to do something so I    registered for the free course. I was highly impressed and delighted about the welcome I received from the community. Everyone was so warm and friendly and offering to help if I needed it.

The Starter course lets me realized that if I can follow instructions then all I had to do is work hard have faith and all would be well. Within three days I registered for the Premium Membership.

In my endeavor to learn as much as I possibly can, I realized that the Premium Program was the way to go although there are individuals who make money while staying on the Free Starter Programme.

The education at Wealthy Affiliate is priceless. I have already made a website and I am doing my thing. Don’t take my word for it, Sign up for the starter program its free and you have no obligations if you do not like it.  Here is a link to my Profile

You can remain a free member but the reason why I upgraded to Premium Membership is because of the limitations of the free program. The Premium membership has all the tools and support you need to build an online business.


You will be in a community of over 500 members where everyone has the same objective, that is to make money online. I hope you will join me in the community and learn how to start your online business.

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