Product Name: 48 Hour Profit Express
Author:               Jeremy Kennedy
Cost:                     $9.08

Overview of 48 Hour Profit Express

48 Hour Profit Express is a product written by Jeremy Kennedy. He teaches how you can create a product in 48 hours or less. According to Jeremy, you do not need a lot of content. The value of this product is supposed to be $197.

I cannot explain how one can launch a full-time business in less than 48 hours. He says you need very little content. Let us supposed that you are new to this whole marketing thing, how are you going to do any such thing in such a short time?
I can tell you from my own experience, it is not possible. If you are an experienced marketer you will do it in less time that he specified, but the course is targeting Newbies.

Jeremy said he created a program in less that 8 hours and started selling it right away for $197 + $47 recurring upsells. I have no doubt that Jeremy did it. He is an experienced marketer.Jeremy will even teach you how to get traffic from reliable sources that will convert.

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What is 48 Hour Profit Express

  1.      This is a PDF file that Jeremy refers to as his Copy/implement blueprint value                     $197, he promised that you will have it up and selling, within 48 hours.
  2. Simple instructions for earning an extra $47 monthly in recurring sale payments.                               
  3.     Letter to use as a template.
  4.    Tested Traffic Methods.
  5.    Easy to use PDF, takes 15 minutes to read.

There are 3 Bonuses that come with this Package.

Bonus #1     Product Creation 4 Newbies.

In this bonus package, Jeremy says he gives a detailed walkthrough of the system he used to create products from start to finish. He promised a 1 to 1 guidance of creating products, building sales pages, connecting an autoresponder, and finding Affiliate Partners. This is a complete guide for which you won’t be asking any questions.

Bonus #2     Autoresponders for Newbies

A Video Series for Newbies.
Jeremy thinks the main benefit in selling your own products is to build an email list. An email list allows you to promote offers to your customers as you like.

Bonus #3      $100 daily With Email

Video training to show how he makes $100 daily using email only. This method Jeremy says can be copied and paste and you can rest assured that it will work.

Pros and Cons of 48 Hour Profit Express.


The program is cheap


Lacks details
Not beginner friendly
Lacks Support
Information is not original, can be found in Google


I am not impressed with this product. Jeremy Kennedy might have had good intentions but one can clearly see that much thought was not put into it. When you are new to internet marketing you need a lot of guidance.

The language is different and the whole community is not what you are used to. When I started first I had to learn a lot of things that I thought I knew  I realize that I knew nothing for everything online is different. 

The majority of the people on the internet are trying to pull a fast one on you, their only aim is to make some money with no regard for who get burn, while they make it.

48 Hour Profit Express might be a product that can help an experienced marketer to go to another level in his business but, an inexperienced individual will be looking for something more. You will need more details, not just a PDF that will take you 15 minutes to read.

Working from home or working online is not a LaidBack Success affair, it is hard work to get started. I might be doing it the hard way but I prefer to learn what I am doing. I want to learn how to do the thing and not just to copy and paste somebody’s work. I don’t want to be copying somebody’s work every day. My aim is to be able to help someone who is starting online by teaching him what to do.

48 Hour Profit Express is reasonably priced and although I do not think it is a scam I would not recommend it for a Newbie. If you are an experienced person, and you think this is what you are looking for, go ahead.